Promotion of Blogs on Twitter Is Very Important

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When the publishing of blogs started, the significance of it was nothing more than the concept of online diaries for the people so that they could write exactly what they feel and what they thought. They wanted everyone to read what their exact feelings were. Today blogs have become more popular and the effect of publishing has grown. The blogs are more than a personal page today. It is more like an online magazine. Now the benefit of it is that the publishers can write anything they want and they get paid for the same. The only disadvantage of blog now is that they are no longer personal.

The first or one can say the most important thing that Twitter does for a blog is to get the personality back for the writers. The bloggers use Twitter to give a brief introduction to the readers about their business, they give or can provide notes about their plans and the posts that they are working on and at the same time they answer the questions directly to the readers themselves. This can be done by anyone and they can create a blog for themselves and more over they should.

It should be kept in mind that if the blogs takes off for a particular person, then it won’t be possible for him/her to answer all the comments or the post that they receive every day. It is a fact that the writers should agree that their blogs wont interest all the people. The visitors would prefer to read about cars and photographs of the site that they are going to visit.

The Twitter website can give the blogs and its publishers a space so that they can get a closer look about their readers. At the same time, the site can help the writer in getting more publicity and get new readers as well. The writers can announce their blogs on the site and it is very simple to do so. There are many sites on the net that charge huge amount of money to advertise but on Twitter, that is not the case at all. More over things are much simpler.

This can simply be done by putting or posting tweets on their profile in the form of blogs and that has to have a personal message as well. The best part is that the person does not have to do anything spectacular. The person just has to include a title and a link to the message.

Also the person should show that there is some sort of personal feeling involved in the blog that is posted. It should be such that the stranger is also ready to lend a hand in case the person is in some sort of problem. This way is becomes easy for the person who wants to get the publicity of the blog.

In the beginning the person can start interacting with his/ her followers as to what they would like to discuss and what they would like to read next in their blog, things like that. If this is done then the follower will feel that they are getting personal attention from the writer.

In this fashion the writer can get the publicity that they are looking for and that also at no cost at all. Thus one can say that it is important that the writer promotes the blogs through Twitter.

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