Traffic Exchanges Is The Main Source of Visitors For Most Websites

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What Exactly Are Traffic Exchanges?

In simple terms, a Traffic Exchange is a service you can join to increase the number of visitors, generate traffic to your site. How it works is you view other members web pages in exchange for having your own web page viewed (surfed). Every time you view another member’s web page for a period of time (for example 15 seconds) your balance of credits increases. Every time a member views your web page for the same period of time your credit balance decreases.

The largest traffic exchanges, for example, EasyHits4U, WebmasterQuest and TrafficG provide support of many languages and offer geo-targeting options for members from all countries for free, that is, you can select in which country (countries) your website will be viewed. By the way, they have 1:1 ratio for free members, so you will get 1 visitor for any website viewed by you.

There are two main types of traffic exchanges – manual exchanges and auto exchanges. In a manual traffic exchange a member views the web page and clicks on a link to proceed to the next web page. An auto traffic exchange can be left running in your web browser and will automatically refresh to a new web page. Both of these methods will bring hits to your website, but in autosurf exchanges surfing is easier and more credits are obtained for the same time.

However, in some auto exchanges a user may leave their computer with the surf open and even fall asleep, so he or she is less likely to read actually what is on your web page, and consequently, less likely to buy your product, so the results of the autosurf is a bit worse in general. However, most autosurf traffic exchanges offer bonuses during the surf to assure that users are staying by the computer and viewing other members’ pages attentively. Most traffic exchanges also offer text and banner advertising and other services. TrafficG and Yibbida have free directories, where you can get your website listed.

The Benefits Of Traffic Exchanges

There are many benefits to participating in Traffic Exchanges:

1. They’re an inexpensive - often free - method of generating targeted traffic to your website.

2. You will start seeing an increase in traffic almost immediately. No waiting for weeks or months to see results, as is often the case with other forms of advertising.

3. They can be a great way to test ad copy for use with other, more expensive forms of advertising such as Pay Per Click campaigns.

4. You can build a “downline” by referring others, which allows you to more quickly earn credits. Over time your traffic can be almost entirely generated by the efforts of others.

5. You’ll gain exposure to your competitor’s products and services, which will give you some good ideas for promoting your site.

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