Do you use Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges to drive traffic to your websites or affiliate links?

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In case if you are a new internet marketer and do not know what is a Manual Surf Traffic Exchange, here is a short explanation:

"Manual Surf Traffic Exchange is a online service, where members can show their websites to other members, by viewing (surfing) other members websites."

This is a very easy way to receive traffic, especially if you have limited budget, but have time to view other websites. And if you don’t want to pay your time, you can purchase traffic directly from traffic exchange programs.

However, you should know that these types of traffic is “ineffective” traffic. Ineffective means the conversion rate of your product or service from free traffic exchanges will be lower than other highly targeted traffic sources like PPC visitors.

Note, this does not mean using traffic exchange is not profitable. This is because the cost of each traffic exchange hit is greatly cheaper than other traffic sources.
And if you do it right, the ROI (Return On Investment) will be positive.

Many marketers claim that Manual Surf Traffic Exchange is not useful. They are completely wrong because they missed some very important keys when using traffic exchanges.

Now let me expose two of the secret keys that will turn your traffic exchange failure to success:
1. Method – Capture Leads And Do Not Sell Directly
Every traffic exchange user is busy at surfing. They do not have time and intention to read your long webpage. So NEVER put your sales page. Instead, put a lead capturing page with a “Attention Grabbing Headline”, “Amazing Benefits” and a “Opt In Form”. Remember, your purpose is to capture email addresses and then follow up with additional sales materials.

2. Target – Webmasters Who Want Traffic
Do you notice the common purpose of the traffic exchange users? Yes they are webmasters or affiliates who want to promote their own websites. Remember, these people is your target market, not kids, not elders. If you are promoting high quality advertising related product or service, then I can guarantee you will convert them to sales very well!
Now it is your time to make money by using traffic exchanges!

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