Free Internet Marketing Methods that will Save your Internet Business

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Best things in life are free, as many would say. This especially holds true with efforts in advertising one's products or services. With free Internet marketing services, one can save a lot. Instead of shelling out for the marketing aspect of your product or services, that chunk of money could be put to other important elements of your business since many information websites now offer knowledge regarding Internet marketing services that comes with no price tag at all.

This is not to tell you that better focus on plain Internet marketing. It still will do your business a lot good if you mix traditional advertisement efforts such as traditional and new marketing media.

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Here are few of the free methods that you could employ to make your products and services be in their most visible, thus saleable, form.

1. Acquire free content. If you have no time to increase the SEO or search engine optimization-friendliness of your articles, you can look for free content from article directories. All you need to do is retain the resource box of those write-ups.

2. Learn to manipulate web design templates. You don't have to be too techie-geeky to be able to design your web site. Oftentimes, web design templates or custom-made layouts are available for the Internet marketer to use.

3. Advertise your website in several free advertising boards and free classifieds. In the USA, there are many opportunities for free advertising. Be aware of scams, for example, in Sri Lanka, most classifieds found via a search use free advertising as a promotion or a business trick, they will never approve your ad for free. In Ikman.lk, each advertisement costs Rs.900. However, there are some genuinely free sites, for example, visit our site at http://ads.awk-ind.com.

In new advertising sites you ad is easily seen, it will stay on the first page in the classifieds and in the subcategory for a long time. The owners of some new classifieds may do not have adequate traffic. If you use FireFox or GoogleChrome, you maybe encounter a message that a website is insecure. Never ignore this message, when you see a red page about previous reported attacks. However, 99% of the websites and blogs have not paid for a costly SSL (to be opened as https). Open new sites with http or add a security exception, if you saw the blog or website before and believe that they have free standard services.

4. Traffic exchanges. Through free traffic exchanges you will get immediate visitors just for watching websites of other members (See more in Free Traffic). The largest traffic exchanges offer geo targeting for free for all countries, so you may choose to show your site only to members from your country.

5. Text ad and banner exchanges are a free (less effective) substitute of paid-to-click advertising; similar to traffic exchanges you will earn credits for showing ads of other members on your website. If you participate in traffic exchanges, just insert a code and your credits start accumulating easily. In AdsVert, you will get 2,500 free text impressions to start promoting your websites and a favorable exchange rates afterwards.

6. Join forums in your field or forums with advertising sections, where you can place your website ad. Many forums allow members to use a forum signature with a short website ad, e.g. FreeAdsPlanet, eMoneySpace. Forums are a great place to advertise because everyone in them are of the same mind and want to make certain that their websites get noticed and read.

7. Social marketing. Promote your website on the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, MySpace and email groups.

8. Promote your business through free search engine submission and optimization. Submit your website to various search engines. This will make many more people know that your website actually exists. Aiming for the top search engines will help a lot in this endeavor.

9. Improve your articles. Remember that information on articles with good content as traffic-bringer of websites? This time it's about making these articles serve your website better by using keyword suggestion tools that are offered for free. Update your web site's content by regularly checking the standing of your keywords with the current market.

10. Avail of free comprehensive web traffic analyzers. These are tools that you can make use of without costing you a cent. Your website's hits statistics will be produced by this kind of Internet marketing tool for your own analysis.

11. Monitor your website's visibility. Tools such as search engine position trackers may be used to see your website's standing.

These processes are very convenient to use as long as you keep in mind that you use and try to master their use for your own benefit. Just don't get obsessed with your achievements when you finally learn how to use them and incorporate them in your Internet marketing feat.

Internet Marketing for Newbies


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Like most professions, marketing follows some basic guidelines, based on what has worked in the past.

This report explores some things you should know about Internet marketing, what you need in order to get started, and some tips on how to find the right types of places in the cyber-world to look for important clues as to what you can effectively market.

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