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#GoogleAllo: Career Planning

If you are in school pursuing a music career, the college can often direct you to places where you can help out and gain experience at the same time. You might find out that being a music marketer is just not up your alley, but being a board operator really interests you. You see, it s very important to find your niche in this very competitive market before you jump in with both feet. 

Do you like tinkering around under the hood of a car? Maybe you should be an auto mechanic. Perhaps writing is what you enjoy. If so, maybe a journalism career is on your horizon. Almost all of us had a dream when we were children about what we wanted to be when we grew up. Think back to that time when dreams were always attainable. 

Does helping people allow you to enjoy your work more? Are you more of a lone wolf when it comes to productivity? Career assessment testing can help pinpoint where your strengths lay and how to apply them professionally. While no guarantee of success or happiness, career interest tests can be an extraordinarily useful tool in narrowing down your best career choices. 

These descriptions include tasks, work activities, required knowledge, skills, and abilities. When making a career change, you will want to be sure and do your research on your intended career so that you don t get involved in a job that you either can t do or won t like doing. This is a great free service from this online career counseling site. 

They will likely have classes and seminars you can participate in that will further your experience not only in a particular job field but also to help you with any personal issues like projecting the correct persona when applying for a job. This is where your networking opportunities come about. The seminars are going to be conducted, most likely, by people in the business world, so be sure you introduce yourself to the seminar instructor and say something that will make you memorable as long as it has to do with business and is appropriate! 

Assessment tests are good for career planning as they can identify some of your strengths and interests and then suggest a career path that would suit you and allow you to succeed. There are all types of assessment tests including the ACT and the SAT which colleges use as a way of judging admittance into college.