Career Planning

Academic and Career Planning Video Scribe

You can become a certified public accountant who helps people with investments and financial advice or a tax preparer that works to fill out tax returns for individuals and corporations. When planning a career in accounting, you will want to have a lot of mathematics training. You should also be able to analyze, compare, and improve on numbers that have to do with the financial accounts of a company or an individual. 

These sites are great for anyone who either wants to make a career change or the person who isn t sure what they want to do in the first place. Career assessment tests should only be used as a guide toward making a career decision. They are not the be all and end all in the job market. You still have to do what is right for you. 

For most jobs, you will need to have some type of education and/or training. You should immediately figure out whether or not you need to have a degree to work in the career field you have chosen or whether an internship will give you the experience you need. Then you need to register for the classes and get top grades which can make the ultimate difference in your first job. 

However, when you are reading guides that you find on the Internet, be sure that they are written by professionals who have the credentials to write about what you want information about. Anyone can write a book about a specific subject. After all, the information is out there, and they don t even have to really know what they are talking about to write that book. 

It doesn t matter if you are just getting started in the business world or if you are making a career change there s no doubt about it that the networking opportunities available to you at the career planning center can certainly make the difference between getting a job and not getting a job! Career planning is crucial when you decide that you want to find a job in a particular field. 

These types of assessment tests will ask you questions about certain job situations and you pick the one you are most interested in and the one you are least interested in. After you have answered all of the questions usually between 50 and 100 your answers will be analyzed. That analysis will include a list of the jobs that most accurately match your personality and abilities.